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Symptoms: pale skin, anorexia (lack of appetite), abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, agitation, restlessness, confusion, tachycardia, arrhythmia, hyperthermia (increased body temperature), frequent urination, headache, trenbolone acetate results tremor or muscle twitching; seizures, increased activity of “hepatic” transaminases, gepatonekroz, increased prothrombin time. Symptoms of liver function abnormalities can appear after 12-48 hours after the overdose. In severe overdose of developing liver failure with progressive encephalopathy, coma, and death; Acute renal failure with tubular necrosis;arrhythmia, pancreatitis. If you suspect an overdose, you should immediately seek medical help.

Treatment: gastric lavage followed by administration of activated charcoal. A specific antidote for paracetamol poisoning is acetylcysteine. Introduction acetylcysteine overdue for 8 hours with gastrointestinal bleeding is necessary to introduce antacids and gastric lavage ice 0.9% sodium chloride solution.; maintaining ventilation and oxygenation; epileptic seizures – intravenous diazepam; and maintaining the fluid balance of salts.

Interaction with other drugs
trenbolone acetate results before and aftershould be avoided with concurrent ingestion barbiturates, tricyclic antidepressants, rifampicin and alcoholic beverages (increased risk of hepatotoxicity).

Paracetamol intensifies the effect of indirect anticoagulants and reduces the effectiveness of uricosuric drugs.

Prolonged use of barbiturates, reduces the effectiveness of paracetamol. Concomitant use of paracetamol with ethanol increases the risk of acute pancreatitis.

Inhibitors of microsomal oxidation (including cimetidine) decrease the risk of hepatotoxic action of paracetamol.

Diflunisal increases trenbolone acetate results the plasma concentration of paracetamol by 50%, which increases the risk of hepatotoxicity.

Naproxen may cause a decrease in diuretic effect of furosemide,  enhancing the effect of indirect anticoagulants, increases the toxicity of sulfonamides and methotrexate, reduces excretion of lithium and increase its concentration in the blood plasma.

When combined caffeine and barbiturates, primidone, anticonvulsants (hydantoin derivatives, especially phenytoin) may increase metabolism and an increase in clearance of caffeine; while taking caffeine and cimetidine, oral contraceptives, disulfiram, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin – reducing caffeine metabolism in the liver (slowing its excretion and increased concentration in the blood). Concurrent use of caffeine-containing beverages and other means of stimulating the central nervous system that can lead to over-stimulation of the central nervous system, what is trenbolone acetate.

In an application Drotaverinum can weaken the antiparkinsonian effect of levodopa.

In an application pheniramine with tranquilizers, hypnotics, trenbolone acetate results before and after monoamine oxidase inhibitors, alcohol may increase depressant effect on the central nervous system.

Avoid the simultaneous trenbolone acetate results use of the drug with other drugs containing acetaminophen and / or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as with funds for the relief of symptoms of “colds”, influenza and nasal congestion.

In applying the drug over 5-7 days should be monitored indicators of peripheral blood and functional state of the liver. Paracetamol distorts the results of laboratory tests of glucose and uric acid in blood plasma.

If necessary, the definition of 17-keto steroids drug should be discontinued 48 hours prior to the study. Note that naproxen increases bleeding time.

Effect of caffeine on the central nervous system depends on the type of nerve. system and can manifest itself as the excitation and inhibition of the higher nervous activity trenbolone acetate results time.

During treatment should not drink alcohol-containing beverages. In some cases, may decrease the concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions, so the period of treatment must be careful when driving and occupation of other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions. bodybuilders meal plan ghrp-6 australia acetyl l-carnitine bodybuilding